Flappy Bird Hack & Cheat Tool

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Do you enjoy playing Flappy Bird? Use our Flappy Bird hack and cheat to get infinite lives and any score you want! The hack works great and it is very simple to use!

The gameplay of Flappy Bird is extremely simple to understand , the player must tap the screen to flap their wings at a ridiculous bird with swollen lips worthy of caricatures of Pygmies in cartoons , and thus pass between pipes are not unlike those of Mario game. So far so good.

Join this game with annoying sound effects and use a more than limited space to move and get the best at the most frustrating game in the world.

Or better yet use our Flappy Bird hack tool and cheat! This hack program works on all devices without jail break! Download the Flappy Bird hack and cheat tool and get:

  • Infinite lives
  • Choose any game score you want!


Flappy Bird 1      Flappy Bird Hack & Cheat Tool


Hack instructions:

1.Download the file
2.Start the program
3.Select device(Android/iOS)
4.Select the desired amounts then click the”Start” button
5.Done ! Enjoy the game !

download      Flappy Bird Hack & Cheat Tool

download2      Flappy Bird Hack & Cheat Tool

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4 comments to Flappy Bird Hack & Cheat Tool

  • Michael Ewing  says:

    Working very well, thank you allfreehack!

  • allfreehack  says:

    Thanks for your support!

  • luiz  says:

    It worked for me … i am so excited!! Once again thanks for this tool ..really love u :P

  • ZackAdam  says:

    Perfect, i love it,very addicted game! thanks you for great stuff!

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