iTunes Gift Card Generator

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ITunes Store
ITunes is a great online store powered by Apple that has everything you need to be entertained.
Learn how to redeem a code in iTunes Store
First of all you have to have an iTunes Gift Card or additional codes that you want to convert for free.
Login in you iTunes account. Look in the QUICK LINKS window in the right-hand column, then you click Redeem.
In the next screen, you have to complete the 16-digit code which starts with an “X”. (If you have an iTunes Gift Card, this can be seen on the back of the card). Last you click Redeem. That’s it!!
About the hack
This hack, iTunes Gift Card Generator gives you iTunes codes for free. You can redeem these codes on your Apple account to purchase apps and games! This is a great hack that can provide you with boundless iTunes codes for free.

Get gift card generator working instructions by watching this video:

download iTunes Gift Card Generator

download2 iTunes Gift Card Generator

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30 comments to iTunes Gift Card Generator

  • Aaron  says:

    This hack is impressive. So simple to use. It works perfectly.

  • morgan  says:

    Thank you. The program is very easy to use, and most importantly it works!

  • Barton  says:

    Yes, I confirm myself! This generator works great! Greetings from the UK!

  • Steve  says:

    i was tired of fake generators, finally found a working one :D thanks mate

  • Ulumaku  says:

    this made my day I got this free iTunes Card Code and it was legit! Thanks dude

  • Olivia  says:

    thanks for sharing this

  • Steve  says:

    i cant thank you enough finally..i found a generator that works!!!

  • William  says:

    free music !!! thanks a lot bro

  • Smith  says:

    Thanks dude, that was really easy

  • María  says:

    you saved me a lot of money..danke

  • ben  says:

    really needed this..thanks

  • manderi  says:

    Thanks for making and explaining it clear

  • allfreehack  says:

    Thanks Manderi enjoy it!

  • paul  says:

    i got working card here..thanks

  • sammie  says:

    I’m happy this method finally works

  • john  says:

    Was a bit scepticle first but im glad i tried it :)

  • ali  says:

    Didnt think it would really work but does.

  • allfreehack  says:

    its our pleasure mate..thank you
    keep visiting our website for more codes..we update it weekly

  • jackson  says:

    guys if you have trouble running it just get the latest .net framework… i just instaled it and the generator worked like a charm. big thanks to the uploader

  • erick  says:


  • ayden  says:

    Yep, like he said, it has no viruses and it works.

  • Maarten  says:

    good to see that this hack works with all countries. I’m from Danemark and works great!

  • markus  says:

    You save my money. Cheers bro

  • vladimir  says:

    free itunes codes :) thanks mate and best regards from russia

  • greg  says:

    Thanks for the program, generated 2 gift cards already!!

  • maggio  says:

    One of the few LEGIT points generators. Thanks

  • richard  says:

    thank you dude you’re the best

  • dalian  says:

    this is what I call a great release. I really wish how did you manage to do this program but for now I’m just gonna enjoy using it.

  • Luck  says:

    Wow this is so great..Now I have unlimited codes for iTunes:X:X

  • Jamie  says:

    Thanks so much for this..until now i got 3 codes for free

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