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You can use the PlayStation Store platform to buy things with the help of you e-wallet.
You can increase your funds to your PSN wallet using a credit card or PlayStation Network card. Also you can use codes.
How do you use these codes? First of all turn on your PlayStation®3 Console, and choose PlayStation Store from the XMB (Cross Media Bar).
There you will see in the upper right hand corner of the PlayStation Store menu is a pictogram entitled Redeem Codes. Chose this icon!
Complete the field with your 12 digit code on the Redeem Codes page. Then please push continue to successfully redeem your promotional code.
Download PSN code generator for free and stop wasting money on PlayStation codes
Use our PSN code generator and obtain codes for amounts like $10, $20, or $50 . You can later exchange these on your PlayStation 3 in just moments.
Get big amounts of money in your PSN wallet. Use these resources to buy virtually anything you need -anytime! Obtain an unlimited supply of codes in the PSN Code Generator by using this great free tool!

Get PSN code generator instructions by watching the video:



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29 comments to PSN Code Generator

  • Edelin  says:

    Suuper logiciel fontionne 5/5!!merci,merci!!!!!!

  • mexez  says:

    Merci beaucoup mon ami !cette générateur est fantastique!

  • abidal  says:

    Wow !!! J’ai téléchargé le programme. Suivi les étapes et a obtenu un travail de 50 $ code! Merci beaucoup!

  • nahie  says:

    Je peux confirmer que le générateur fonctionne tres bien!!!

  • Tim  says:

    I just generated one $50 PSN code and it actually works ! Thanks man I don’t have words to say how much !

  • Fabien  says:

    Pareille marche impecable. Super logiciel..bravo

  • Jacquelyn  says:

    Merci beaucoup….Je viens de recevoir mon code points gratuit de microsoft à l’aide de votre programme

  • Patrick  says:

    it really works! finally found one… thank you very much!

  • Marcus  says:

    theres nothing better than free stuff especially free psn codes, can confirm it works, Thanks!

  • allfreehack  says:

    i am happy that u like our work..thanks for appreciation..
    keep visiting our website for more codes..we update it weekly..
    thank you

  • arnold  says:

    got working code…thank you !!!!!

  • michael  says:

    I dont know about you guys but it worked for me, just try again you might have made a small mistake, i have every PS3 game ive ever wanted, your missing out!

  • davis  says:

    thanks for the code, ill download it properly this time so i can get my own code :D anyway thanks

  • jimmy  says:

    theres nothing better than free stuff especially free psn codes, can confirm it works, Thanks!

  • arthur  says:

    this site is simply awesome. i can’t belive that i got my psn codes for free! thanks

  • allfreehack  says:

    Thanks Arthur enjoy it!

  • kimberly  says:

    Finally after searching i found a generator that actaully works!

  • allfreehack  says:

    Enjoy your codes man, feels great to share the joy of free psn codes

  • Calhoun  says:

    Ca marche, finalement un generateur sans virus..merci

  • Jacque  says:

    bravo !! je vous remercie beaucoup ! il a genere 2x $20 codes .. merci mon ami

  • rainold  says:

    j’ai réussi à télécharger le générateur et il marche vraiment ! Merci mon ami pour l’excellent travail .. :D

  • paris  says:

    Merci beaucoup….je t’aime pour ce programmeeee

  • luigi  says:

    Working Great Respect bro

  • obbadi  says:

    génial! j’ai obtenu le code de travail en second procès .. merci beaucoup

  • riviere  says:

    Svp envoyez moi par mail ou mp un code de 50. $ sa prend trente secondes , mon ordi est en panne est il n y a pas de générateur sur téléphone

  • mounier  says:

    Trop bon, ça faisait un moment qu’il fallait que je m’achète Battlefield

  • MarkRyan  says:

    A great generator. Simple and easy, thanks my friend

  • Reiden  says:

    Thanks for the codes!!

  • Crosby  says:

    redeemed code.. many thanks

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